• oven

    Faber has come up with a range of Built-in Ovens to give your kitchen a stylish and modern look. The new oven can fit seamlessly into your kitchen cabinets and can even be installed at eye level, thereby making your baking process hassle-free, easy and safe. These ovens come with a one grill rack, one ...
  • dishwasher

    Faber has come up with its new elegantly designed dishwasher, the Frankie dishwasher. An efficient machine, it uses much less water than hand washing and does the job in minutes. It is semi-integrated, has stainless steel finish, electronic control and push button features. The bottom rack is accessorized with a handle which makes loading and unloading easier. ...
  • 187

    Faber launches hybrid hob cook-top. It has a gas flame that is fully controlled with a wide heating range and high output which allows you to cook faster and more economically for the best possible cooking experience. Huge space between different burners helps you to use large pots and pans on all burners simultaneously without ...
  • 109

    Faber introduces world’s first 3D Chimney with T2S2 technology with three-way suction. Its unique filters on the sides of the hood extract any smoke that escapes the bottom vent. This technology ensures kitchen free from smoke and grease making it appear neat and hygienic just like the kitchen of your dreams. Available in black and SS ...